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Examples Master Data


Master Data, Listing and Form


The master data form consist out of 2 sections which are created by the functionality of a JavaScript / jQuery library:

  • the listing with the tabulator library
  • the form with the jsonform library

You can checkout the functionality without data access restriction. The changes of the persons list are only saved in your session.

An other data access class for MySQL checks the rights for create, read, update and delete.

Master Data, Form only


the "Form only" can be implented in a page or called on a new page. The keyvalue has to be set. if the keyvalue=0, then a new record is initialized, otherwise the record ist displayed. Depending on the edittype the buttons Save and Cancel are set to different actions.

Together with a catalog element, its allows different manners of editing the data:

  • 0 link in this window
  • 1 insert with reload
  • 2 overlay
  • 3 innerHTML
  • 4 new tab
  • 5 new window
  • 6 line edit

Master Data, Complex Objects


A master data form with a complex object allows you to create forms like invoices, containig the invoice header and an items array.

Thanks to the data access class and the datadefinition the CRUD functions are completly supported.

The list is displayed by tabulator. The object had is created by jsonform. The items table has to be defined with html by your own.

Master Detail


The customer form is extended by an invoice list. By a click on the customer line the invoices are listed too. This example consist out of 2 elements:

  • master data element
  • listing element

Both are connedted by a call back function.