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Web Construction Kit

Create a web app comfortably on your individual datastructure. Let user enter their data easily. Fast development by use of powerful libraries. Save data thanks to the data access rules.

Templates and Elements

  • website Templates
    • index.php
    • detail.php
    • elements.php
  • Masterdata Elements
    • Form with tabulator and jsonform
    • Form only
    • Complex Objects
    • Master Detail Pages
  • Listings
    • Tabularor List
    • Search List
  • HTML Elements
    • Catalog page
    • Detail page
    • Line Edit
  • Image support
  • Register and Login
  • Social support

K8 Web Construction Kit depends on


K8 Web Construction Kit depends on this libraries:

  • bootstrap
  • tabulator
  • jsonform
  • dropzone
  • tcpdf
  • tinymce
  • k8forms

Add your favorite libraries by you own!


php supports:

  • object definition
  • data access class
  • login / logout
  • data security

Add your php code by your own!


HTML snippets allows you to create easily:

  • tables
  • forms
  • catalogs

Design your website to your wishes.

JavaScript / jQuery

K8 Web Construction offers you elements and plugins for:

  • master data
  • complex form objects
  • listings
  • catalogs
  • image support

Your JavaScript enlights functionality.

Creating your Web App

  • create the tables
  • generate the datadefinitions
  • copy your website template
  • choose your elements and put it on the page
  • write your menu
  • design the page

Website Examples

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