Object data form

Example, try it out!


The invoice is a well known document. Its a classic master detail object. In the head is the document number, the date and the recipients address. In the positions are the different items with prices. The document foot displays the sum, which has to be paid.

This my datadefinition 3. this is the request to display it:

  • masterdata/ProcessData.php

The foot displays the sum of the positions and the sum is calculated after each position changement.

The data access is ruled by a simple right based access control system. All users are allowed to read the data. The logged in user can create records. The creator is allowed to change or delete his records. All right are granted to the admin.


Customer form with contacts and delivery addresses

customer example

  • masterdata/ProcessData.php

the customer example contains 2 child structures.

  • customers
    • contacts
      • contact 1
      • contact 2
    • delivery addresses
      • address 1
      • address ...

tile projects

the tile example defines areas, surfaces and coordinate points.

  • masterdata/ProcessData.php

the tile example contains nested child structures.

  • areas
    • surfaces
      • points
        • point 1
        • point 2
        • point ...

User manual

The form is devided into two parts. In the top is the record list with filter and sorting. In the bottom the record is displayed and can be edited in the form. You can drag the line between to enlarge or shrink the listing.

Listing Functions


Each record ist displayed in 1 line. The columns can be defined in the datadefintion of tabulator. Reading rights for the user will be implemented in future.


Actually you can sort the displayed records. A callback for the server will be installed later.


this are the filters:

  • like
  • =
  • >= or >
  • <= or <
  • !=

Functions for the form


New empties the form. In future default values for the fields will be supported.

Edit (by Click)

By clicking on the line the recordset is displayed in the form and can be edited. Independent from the displayed columns in tabulator the whole record already loaded in the row. A new load from the server is not necessary.


Before saving the data a validation by jsonform is done. If its failed you first have to correct the values. In future the data-access-class will do a validation check for the fieldtype and the user rights. Other checks have to be progammed by yourself.


After a confirmation question, the record will be deleted. In future a check for the user rights will be implemented.