Object data form
well known invoice

Object Data Form

Invoice Object

The invoice object consist of 2 parts

  • Master: Invoice header
  • Detail: Invoice items


The relationship between Master- and Detail-table is defined by the key columns. Any number of children and nested children is possible.


The Master part is automatically generated with jsonform. The detail area is created with html templates.

Listing record functions:

  • List
  • Sort
  • Filter

Crud object functions:

  • Create, New record
  • Read, Load record
  • Update, Save record
  • Delete record

object processing depends on


  • mysql tables
  • php array
  • html input fields
  • javascrtip object
  • json datastructure

Complex datastructures can be handeld in each language.

php class

  • object definition
  • data access class
  • record list
  • validate
  • update, insert

Complex objects thanks to the child class definitions.


HTML of the main object is generated by jsonform. In the array area the layout is made by pure HTML. Each array consist of a container and a record template.

Easy structure for of the HTML templates.


  • record
    • list and filter
    • CRUD
  • arrays
    • display arrays
    • new position
    • delete line
    • calculate
  • save object

Nested Array structures can managed well.