Master data form

Example, try it out!

user list

Dates and numbers are displayed in the english format. By login of the user 'merkel' this formats are changed to german. You only will notice it in fields, which do not depend on the locale configuration of the browser.

User manual

The form is devided into two parts. In the top is the record list with filter and sorting. In the bottom the record is displayed and can be edited in the form. You can drag the line between to enlarge or shrink the listing.

Listing Functions


Each record ist displayed in 1 line. The columns can be defined in the datadefintion of tabulator. Reading rights for the user will be implemented in future.


Actually you can sort the displayed records. A callback for the server will be installed later.


this are the filters:

  • like
  • =
  • >= or >
  • <= or <
  • !=

Functions for the form


New empties the form. In future default values for the fields will be supported.

Edit (by Click)

By clicking on the line the recordset is displayed in the form and can be edited. Independent from the displayed columns in tabulator the whole record already loaded in the row. A new load from the server is not necessary.


Before saving the data a validation by jsonform is done. If its failed you first have to correct the values. In future the data-access-class will do a validation check for the fieldtype and the user rights. Other checks have to be progammed by yourself.


After a confirmation question, the record will be deleted. In future a check for the user rights will be implemented.

the items table without configuration

This is an example for the items table without any configuration! The request is the following:

  • masterdata/ProcessData.php

the querystring uses the parameter "table" and "proccess_action:"

  • table=k8components
    if only a table name is requested the php-Engine creates the full description of the master data form out of the table structure
  • process_action=GetObject
    this parameter tell the php-Engine to send a json object with the full descritption of the master data form

the result is still not useable for customer

the item table with configuration

In this example the layout of the form "item form" above is improved by configuring the Json datastructure.

  • masterdata/ProcessData.php

The datastructure is declared in the PHP array: datadefinition[2]. This array contains all objects and configurations for the master data form.

In the "tabulator" object the 4 columns: Item No, Text1, Sales unit and Price are configured.

In the "jsonform" object this columns are also configured. This configuration are made:

  • the fields are displayed in 2 blocks
  • the titels are modified
  • Item no added a pattern
  • text 1 is required
  • the dimension becomes a textarea
  • category, base unit, sales unit and vat class becomes a select